Full Name
Benny Tadele
Job Title
Head of Sales
ACI Worldwide
Speaker Bio
As the head of ACI’s Merchant Solution and Business in the ACI cloud (AOD), Benny has the responsibility of setting and executing the strategic directions of ACI’s Payment platforms. He has been in the Merchant Retail Payment space for over 13 years and has held various leadership roles ranging from Engineering, Professional Services as well as Product Management.

Benny has a background in high performance computations, machine learning, deploying enterprise wide solutions and engineering scalable and elastic systems.

Having worked with several merchants to innovate, Benny’s passion is to provide Merchants a solution that allows them to uniquely tailor a customer journey that consistently wins over the customer in and outside of the store. In this day and age, when customers are kept and lost during the payment experience, speed, security and ease are of the utmost importance.
Benny Tadele