Payments Intelligence Mythbusters: If You Are Tired of Being Challenged… It Ends Here!
This fun session will cover why some Proactive Risk Manager (PRM) sales are so successful while others are not. Discover how to battle the myths our competitors keep exploring against you. Come meet our Fraud Consultants in an interactive session to learn about differentiators and the artifacts you are missing to win the game. Marc Trépanier, our newest Fraud Consultant, will lead the session, using knowledge from being on the buyer/user side for over 10 years until recently.
Power Program
Payments Intelligence
Payments Intelligence
Segment Type
Banks, Intermediaries
Sales Role
New Business Dev, AOP Customer Success, AOP Customer Value
Jay Floyd - ACI Worldwide
Giselle Lindley - ACI Worldwide
Damon Madden - ACI Worldwide
Marc Trepanier - ACI Worldwide