Payments Intelligence Win Strategy – What's New and How to Structure the Deal so You Always Win
240-day winning sales cycle, 3-month implementation cycle, a NEW pricing structure built to WIN business, 12 Value Propositions and 9 Value Maps designed precisely to accelerate and grow your opportunities. This session will feature three Proactive Risk Manager (PRM) selling champions from around the globe. Learn how to make your 2019 successful; even if you still need to create the opportunity, this is an in-year win recipe.
Payments Intelligence
Payments Intelligence
Segment Type
Banking, Biller, , Merchant
Sales Role
New Business Dev, AOD Customer Success, AOP Customer Success, AOP Customer Value
Caleb Barnum - ACI Worldwide
David Conroy - ACI Worldwide
Andre Molle - ACI Worldwide
Natalia Ruiz - ACI Worldwide
Vlademir Santos - ACI Worldwide