Join us for the annual ACI Worldwide briefing for European analysts and consultants, which is being held this year at the Corinthia Hotel in London on Thursday, 21 November.

During this interactive event, our senior solutions leaders will provide strategic updates, including the market opportunity and global momentum for Universal Payments (UP). You'll also hear from ACI product leaders, who will highlight the latest industry trends, UP innovations and customer successes. Additionally, and new for this year, we will offer in-depth solutions breakout sessions in the afternoon, immediately following lunch.

We will also welcome guest speakers:

  • Rabobank - Patrick Kipping, Area Lead Transaction Processing
  • Decathlon - Michel YVON, Financial Manager
  • Swedbank - Marcus Brandel, Head of Card Fraud Prevention and Magnus Hedvall, Development Manager
  • Microsoft - Craig Wellman, Director Financial Services



Whitehall Place
Thursday, November 21, 2019
9:00 AM
Registration and Welcome Refreshments
9:30 AM
ACI Overview and Solutions Opportunity
10:10 AM
Strategy Momentum and Market: Banks and Intermediaries
10:55 AM
11:15 AM
ACI Technology: Creating What's Next
12:10 PM
Strategy Momentum and Market: Merchants
12:30 PM
1:30 PM
Roundtable 1: Merchant Payments
Roundtable 1: Payments Intelligence
Roundtable 1: Public Cloud
Roundtable 1: Real-Time Payments
Roundtable 1: Retail Payments
2:00 PM
Roundtable 2: Merchant Payments
Roundtable 2: Payments Intelligence
Roundtable 2: Public Cloud
Roundtable 2: Real-Time Payments
Roundtable 2: Retail Payments
2:30 PM
Roundtable 3: Merchant Payments
Roundtable 3: Payments Intelligence
Roundtable 3: Public Cloud
Roundtable 3: Real-Time Payments
Roundtable 3: Retail Payments
3:00 PM
Roundtable 4: Merchant Payments
Roundtable 4: Payments Intelligence
Roundtable 4: Public Cloud
Roundtable 4: Real-Time Payments
Roundtable 4: Retail Payments
3:30 PM
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