NEW Awards Seating Selection

Want to sit at the same table as your besties at the ACI Awards Dinner on Tuesday, January 22?  This year you can select your table ahead of time to avoid that mad dinner dash. Follow the steps below to reserve your place by Tuesday, January 15.

  1. Review the FAQS section below and then click Reserve Your Seat button which will take you to the SimpleTix website.  
  2. Click on the “Find Tickets” to see available seats.
  3. Seats in yellow are open.  Seats in pink are reserved - hover over a pink seat to see the name of the person sitting there.   
  4. Click on the seat you want and click the “Reserve Seat” button.  
  5. On the next page, click “Free Order”
  6. On the next page, you MUST input the name and email address of the person you're reserving the seat for and click “Order". 
  7. SimpleTix will send a confirmation to the email address provided. Please note that seating is subject to change.


Does it matter which seat # I choose at a table?
No, only your table # matters. Your actual seat at that table will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis.
Can I reserve a seat for another person at my table?
Yes, you can reserve a seat for another person at your table by creating a separate order and inputting their name and ACI email address. That individual will receive the confirmation email. Note that you can only reserve 1 seat per order, but you are not limited on the number of orders you can submit.
How do I change my table selection?
If you decide to change tables, you MUST cancel your original selection first using the "Cancel my order" link in your confirmation email.  Then follow the process above to re-book at a new table.
What if I'm booked at more than one table?
Once seating selection closes at end of day on Tuesday, January 15, GSKO staff will review and follow up with anyone who has been double-booked to ask their table of preference.
Do I have to reserve a seat?
No, but not reserving a seat for yourself by end of day on Tuesday, January 15 will result in GSKO staff randomly selecting a table for you.
Where can I find my table #?
Your table # will be listed in the mobile event app. We will also publish a final seating list. 
Can I change my table selection once I'm onsite?
Subject to availability, table changes may be made onsite at the ACI Registration and Information Desk.
What is the attire for the Awards Dinner?
The Awards Dinner is cocktail attire (black-tie optional).  Attire for other GSKO events is listed under General Info.
Questions about Awards Seating
Contact Joanna Fox